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Carousel Designer is an open startup with public metrics.







As a Lifetime customer you are not only supporting Carousel Designer but also taking part in a Community Initiative. 75% of the revenue from Carousel Designer will be used to build Precious Plastic Workshop which helps in Recycling Plastic . Each Lifetime customer of Carousel Designer will have their names engraved on a Stainless Steel plate at the Precious Plastic workshop and will also be mentioned in our website.

Precious Plastic is an open hardware plastic recycling project which was started in 2013 by Dave Hakkens and is now in its fourth iteration. It relies on a series of machines and tools which grind, melt, and inject recycled plastic, allowing for the creation of new products out of recycled plastic on a small scale.

I am here to give you amazing carousel design templates and in return you are helping me in building Precious Plastic workshop so that we can stop just a tiny little bit of plastic going to landfill by recycling plastic and producing products from it.